A 24 K-Dirty Movie (1980)

A 24 K-Dirty Movie

Title: The Filthy Rich – a 24 K-Dirty Movie
Year: 1980
Country: USA
Studio: Swedish Erotica Video
Director: Michael Zen
Starring: [infopopup:vanessa-del-rio], Samantha Fox, Jesie St. James, Lisa De Leeuw, Jack Wrangler, Herschel Savage, Randy West, R.J. Reynolds, George Payne, Vic Dunlop, Sweet Mouthful
Genre: Adult, Hardcore, Comedy




The secret pleasures of those who have it made! A frigid rich couple swap identities with their maid and butler and play out their fantasies. A hilarious lite-comedy that boasts some superior superstar sex.

Zipped as: myclasic.com_The_Filthy_Rich_A_24_K-Dirty_Movie_1980.rar
Splited in: 1part
Size: 1.14Gb
Type: avi
Duration: 01:19:05
Resolution: 704 x 476








39184383_241.jpg 39184384_242.jpg




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