Breast Worx 35 (1992)

Breast Worx 35 (1992)

Title: Breast Worx 35
Year: 1992
Country: USA
Studio: L.B.O
Starring: Pearl, Persia, Chelly Supreme, Damien Wolf, Jerid, Wisemark
Genre: Classic, Adult, Hardcore


Shelly arrives at Damien’s style shop for an emergency custom fitting… It seems that she’s got a problem in the area of her disproportionately huge chest! Damien’s certain to handle all of her sizing needs with a simple “letting out” of her crotch! Ass-tronaut Jerrid begins his space adventure by docking himself alongside sexational Venus, and her heavenly orbs! His mission: to bravely explore every uncharted crevasse on her lovely body… culminating in her moon! Assuming the role of temptress, pubescent Pearl knows her part to the tee! Wisemark, her boyfriend has the snake part down but loses his focus when he’s flashed her shaved beaver! Cut… cut! That’s supposed to be an apple, not a cherry!

Zipped as:
Splited in: 1part
Size: 970Mb
Type: wmv
Duration: 01:06:11
Resolution: 640 x 480


Breast Worx 35 (1992) Breast Worx 35 (1992)


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