Hon Alskade En Sommar (1977)

Hon Alskade En Sommar (1977)

Titles: Karleksvirveln, Hon Alskade En Sommar
Year: 1977
Country: Sweden
Studio: Unknown
Cast: [infopopup:anne-magle-1], Barbara Scott, Jack Frank, Anne von Lindenberger, Jan Olof Rydqvist, Sonja Rivera, Jan Klevbrand, Ewert Granholm, Arne Sjoholm, Eva Strand, Maud Hagberg, Jan Lundin
Genre: Classic, Adult, Hardcore


Here you are, a wonderful piece of hot Swedish porn – Hon alskade en sommar! Sweet 18-years old blonde adolescent go on summer vacation, hot sum and broad imagination make Doris’s pussy always wet and ready for adventures! Her sexual target is Romero – a well built tanned lad, whose mistress is… oh God, the gal’s mother! So, Doris sets a goal to seduce Romero and dominate her mom’s blue-eyed boy totally…

Zipped as: myclasic.com-HAES1977.rar
Splited in: 1part
Size: 662Mb
Type: avi
Duration: 01:20:46
Resolution: 352 x 288




Hon Alskade En Sommar (1977) Hon Alskade En Sommar (1977)


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