Hot Heat (1974)

Hot Heat

Titles: Hot Heat
Year: 1974
Country: USA
Studio: Historic Erotica
Director: Unknown
Starring: [infopopup:seka-1], [infopopup:john-holmes-1]
Genre: Adult, Classic, Legal Teens, Hairy, Brunette Girls, Sexy Girls, Old Stuff, Stag, Unknown, Vintage, Hardcore Sex




You’ve got the two hottest porn stars fucking each other in the smoldering heat. What more can you ask for? Come see their sexy sweat dripping bodies lubricate one another as John Holmes’ huge cock penetrates Seka’s delicious pussy!

Zipped as:
Splited in: 1part
Size: 833Mb
Type: mp4
Duration: 00:55:06
Resolution: 640 x 480




Hot Heat Hot Heat 2 Hot Heat 3




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