La Petite Etrangere (1980)

La Petite Etrangere

Titles: La Petite Etrangere, A Foreign Girl In Paris
Year: 1980
Country: France filmed
Studio: Alpha France
Director: Burd Tranbaree
Starring: Anna Veruska, [infopopup:cathy-stewart-7], France Lomay, Jane Baker, Laura Clair, Nadine Roussial, Nicole Segaud, Ulrike Lary
Genre: Classic, Adult, Hardcore




Richard Lemieuvre’s wife (Nicole Segaud) leaves town temporarily. He meets a blonde tourist (Ulrike Lary) by a fountain and they go off and have various sexual adventures, including in the Bois de Boulogne with a hooker or two (Laura Clair and Nadine Roussial), a nightclub (with stripper Cathy Stewart), with a friend of Richard Lemieuvre and his wife (Anne Veruska), in a restaurant (with waiter Dominique Aveline), at Richard Lemieuvre’s apartment with a swinging couple (Guy Royer and Jane Baker). There is a penultimate gang bang scene, involving many of the previous participants, where France Lomay plays a maid (non-sex). Finally the wife returns and it turns out she knows the little stranger.

Zipped as:
Splited in: 1part
Size: 1.13Gb
Type: mkv
Duration: 01:14:19
Resolution: 720 x 424




La Petite Etrangere A Foreign Girl In Paris La Petite Etrangere 3




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