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Update» 12.December.2017

Update» 09.December.2017

    • Happy December for all. Christmas came early for


Enjoy some good old vintage films on your holidays with myclasic, all of our files have been turned free for download on this period and maybe even further.
Merry Christmas and a happy December for all of you.

Update» 11.November.2017

    • Starting today, we’ve upgraded our website core and allow our users to register on our website. By doing so you can have your profile, where you can add a picture or short description about you, your latest comments will be displayed and maybe even posts in the future.

More updates and a new user section will be implemented very soon, where users can interact with each other.

Update» 05.November.2017

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  • If you want a film to be re-uploaded, go on MYCLASIC.COM and search for it, there is a high change the film is available there.
  • If missing, leave there a comment. I'm very active and will be re-uploaded very fast.
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