Angelica Bella

Angelica Bella Angelica Bella

Angelica Bella is a Hungarian pornographic actress. Angelica has worked primarily and enjoyed her greatest popularity in Italy. She began her career in the adult film industry under the pseudonym Gabriella Dari. Also worked with various German producers in the early 1990s.

Bella has only appeared in a handful of hardcore videos in the United States. She first turned up in two American adult films in 1992: The Anal-Europe Series 1 and 2. In Anal-Europe 1, Angelica Bella performed in a scene with Tom Byron and Joey Silvera. Angelica Bella then returned to European porn for a time, but returned to American screens in 1995 with a string of performances in movies such as Angel’s Vengeance and Kinky Villa.

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Rotte e Sfondate (1995)

Heidi 6 – Heidi Lässt Sie Alle Jodeln (1993)

Sodoma Piaceri Proibiti (1992)

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