Ginger Lynn

Ginger LynnGinger Lynn

A few words about Ginger Lynn: Is an American pornographic model, prominent in 1980s videos. She also had occasional roles in low-budget B-movies. AVN has ranked her at #7 in a list of the 50 greatest porn stars of all time. After ending her adult-entertainment career she began using her full name and found work in a variety of B-movies. She had a late career comeback to the adult industry and made a brief series of movies. During this two-year period she toured the country doing interviews for radio shows and appearances at adult-entertainment stores.

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Ginger Lynn films list posted on Myclasic.
Whore Of The Worlds (1985)

Hanky Panky (1984)

Ass Fucking In The 80′s

Traci Lords - Adult 45 Vol.1 (1985)


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