Dorothea Patton was born and raised in Radford, Virginia, having, she recalled, “a plain, normal childhood” alongside one brother and one sister.
She eventually adopted the screen name Seka, after a female blackjack dealer she knew in Las Vegas. She went on to star in more than 2 adult videos with a “break” in 1982, when she stopped shooting sex movies, claiming “they wouldn’t pay her what she wanted,” and turned to stripping and nude modeling while also running her own fan club. Subsequently she admitted that the HIV epidemic in the mid-198s contributed to her decision to avoid the hardcore sex scene, saying “That’s why I don’t make movies any more . . . I like to live”. By the early 199s she had returned to the porn industry to perform in a few final movies, her last being American Garter.

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Love Goddesses (1981)

Seka's Burning Desire (1970s)

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