Saturday Night Special (1976)

Saturday Night Special (1976)

Title: Saturday Night Special
Year: 1976
Country: USA
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Director: Sam Bloch
Starring: Jamie Gillis, Jeffrey Hurst, Georgette Jennings, George Payne
Plot Keywords: Lesbian Sex, Jewel Heist, Body Double, Hardcore, Classic
Genre: Adult, Crime


A gang of deadbeat crooks fuck up a diamond heist, shooting the guards and taking hostages. Instead of making a run for it, they to head back to their hideout for a perverted fuck party. Saturday Night Special is an unforgettable crime caper filled with sexy women and some very shocking moments. With it’s contorted close-ups and twisted morals, Saturday Night Special could easily be a Roberta Findlay production, but is credited to a mysterious “Sam Bloch “. The film is a must see for fans of potent 70’s cinema and porn fans who are not easy to offend. The amount of dialogue and ‘action’ is more prevelant than actual onscreen sex – of which there isn’t actually that much and when it arrives it is quite unsexy – one mad scene has superfiend Jamie Gillis rape a woman in an animalistic fashion that is quite disturbing. Fu for all the family.

Zipped as:
Splited in: 1part
Size: 896Mb
Type: avi
Duration: 01:02:34
Resolution: 528 x 400

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Saturday Night Special (1976) Saturday Night Special (1976)


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