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Shauna Grant – Swedish Erotica Superstars

1980s Adult Swedish Erotica USA

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Shauna Grant - Swedish Erotica Superstars Title: Shauna Grant – Swedish Erotica Superstars Year: 1983 Country: USA Series: Swedish Erotica Superstars Starring: Annette Haven, Dave Cannon, [infopopup:seka-6], [infopopup:shauna-grant-5], [infopopup:john-holmes-8], Bridgette Monet Genre: Classic, Adult, Hardcore Annette Haven, Dave Cannon, ,Seka, Shauna Grant, John Holmes, Bridgette Monet


What could possibly be better than a Special Edition Swedish Erotica featuring the lovely Bridgette Monet? Well, how about a videocassette that not only features Bridgette, but all of my favorite porn stars including Shauna Grant and Annette Haven. iphone 7 plus protective case shockproof I could easily handle 9 minutes with just Bridgette Monet, but the added surprises in this videocassette will please anyone. Bridgette introduces each segment of some of the wildest, hottest sex I’ve seen on cassette. iphone 8 case charging The first segment Ball’n a Trucker features Shauna Grant as a waitress in a truck-stop bar and grill. iphone 7 phone cases otter Her favorite truck stops in to “deliver his load” around the back.” Shauna, to date, has never looked so fantastic. iphone 8 rubber case pink In the next surprise, Hot Show in the Snow, we find Seka with a roommate that looks an awful lot like Desiree Cousteau. iphone 6 mophie case Seka feigns a broken leg to get the medic, John Holmes, to come running. Holmes gives both Seka and friend a thorough examination and finds nothing wrong.

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