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The Story of Prunella (1982)

1980s Adult Avon Productions Crime USA

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The Story of Prunella (1982) The Story of Prunella Year: 1982 Genre: Adult Country: USA Studio: Avon Productions Director: Phil Prince Starring: Ambrosia Fox, George Payne, Dixie Dew, [infopopup:ron-jeremy-7], Cheri Champagne Genre: Classic, Adult, Crime


Three violent escaped convicts on the run from the law break into a house where a young woman is being given a wedding shower, and they proceed on a rampage of violence, rape and sexual assaults. lightweight iphone 7 case Heorge Payne as the “leader” of the convicts is over-the-top as usual – but it really works for him in this role. iphone 7 plus cases camo Most notably is the rough rape scene between Payne and Prunella wich is on-par with the also memorable second rape scene in forced entry. iphone 7 naruto phone case Ron Jeremy as Prunella’s fiancé and the cop that is out to catch the escapees also turns in a decent performance during his non-sex scenes. case battery iphone 7 Speaking of the sex-scenes – they’re pretty standard roughie fare with a few “straight” scenes and then the requisite rape material once the gang takes over the wedding shower. nightmare before christmas iphone 7 plus case Again – the rape scene between Payne and Prunella really stands out as being extremely realistic as Prunella struggles, spits on, slaps, and fights back against her assailant. Definitely recommended to the “roughie” enthusiast.

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