Tarz and Jane and Cheeta (1975)

Tarz and Jane and Cheeta (1975) Title: Tarz and Jane and Cheeta Year: 1975 Country: USA Language: English Subtitles: None Director: Itza Fine Starring: Tallie Cochrane, Patrick Wright, Georgina Spelvin, San Clemente Richard, Five Fingers Eddie Plot Keywords: Tribe, Cunnilingus, Outdoor Sex, Voyeurism Genre: Adult, Adventure, Comedy


The flimsy plot for this uproariously breezy’n’cheesy porno dazzler has poor Tarzan (cheerfully overplayed by prolific 70’s drive-in picture perennial Patrick Wright, who sports a really obvious fake wig), depicted here as an absolute feather-headed goofball who’s all brawn and no brains, suffer a hilariously nasty run-in with a ravenous crocodile: the flesh-chomping lizard bites off Tarzan’s manhood (ouch!) when Tarz wrestles the beast in a river. protective iphone 6 case for girls So Tarzan, his ditsy, oversexed distaff companion Jane (an endearingly daffy Tallie Cochrane, Wright’s real-life wife), and their lunkhead son Boy (some vacuous California surfer dude type who calls himself Uncle Tom) embark on a perilous pilgrimage to Wango Wango Land in order to get Tarzan another penis. harley quinn iphone 6 case Prior to their Wango Wango journey Jane gets attacked by Tarzan’s libidinous off-the-wall gorilla buddy Cheetah (a frantically mugging Sam Clemente Richard in your standard crappy, pudgy, not-believable-for-a-minute ape costume), who does just what you think with Jane. tartan iphone 6 case Tarzan and his companions also rescue aggressive explorer Wanda the Huntress (deftly essayed by the scorchingly hot and assertive 70’s hardcore queen Georgina Spelvin of “The Devil in Miss Jones” fame) and her wimpy, effeminate gay assistant Clive from a savage tribe of coarse jive-talking African-American stereotypes. rose gold phone case iphone x Everything ends well, with Tarzan getting jumped by both Wanda and Jane after acquiring a massive new phallus from a local witch doctor who performs a ridiculous spiritual dance for Tarzan.

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